They’ve Got Your Back

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If you’re looking for the hottest gay porn online, then you’re in the right place. I’ve visited hundreds of gay porn sites in my time and when I found out I could get 68% off yearly with this discount link to Behind Friends, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. This is a hot new site and I couldn’t wait to tell my friends.

Some of the super sexy guys you can expect to see are Thomas Friedl, Bastian Karim, Nick Vargas, Peter Lipnik, and Max Born just to name a few. The action varies from intense solo masturbation videos where viewers can have intimate moments with their favorite hunks. The one on one action is so hot you’ll be struggling to hold your load. If you like really intense hardcore action you’ll have to check out the threesomes. The first time I visited this site I accidentally covered my keyboard in jizz. This is definitely the kind of hardcore gay porn site you can expect to drain your balls while visiting.


You Don’t Want To Miss This

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Let me be the first to tell everyone about I’ve been watching gay porn for quite some time now and let me tell you that in my experience, when you’re able to get a discount on a good site, you better act on it fast. Typically the sites that you find discounts attached to are of poor quality and you’re better of saving your money. I assure you that’s not the case here. All of these sites are of top quality and any one of them is worth more than the original sign on price. The fact that they’re even offering discounts blows my mind.

When I’m watching porn, I like a wide variety. Let me specify, a large variety of gay porn. There are time that I get off watching straight guys get fucked by gay men. Then there are other times that I want to walk on the wild side and watch a whole group of guys get off on one another. No matter what I’m in the mood for, I’m sure to find a site here that meets my needs and is available at a discounted site.


Pick Your Pleasure

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I remember my first time. It was so exciting- my cock was so hard- I got off so many times! I knew for sure this was something I was going to keep coming back to time and time again. I’m not talking about my first time getting laid- God no, that was an awkward train wreck. I am talking about the first time I found these gay porn discounts!

You have no idea what you’re getting into until you check it out for yourself! I thought I knew what porn was, and sure I had an idea, but I didn’t know what real excellent quality porn was. Especially not at these low prices!

This site finds you the best deals to the hottest gay porn sites and networks so you can spend your time enjoying the content rather than searching for a tasty hot morsel like a beggar in the streets. And who doesn’t want the opportunity to get off to exactly what they want exactly when they want to?!

It’s The First Thing That Comes To Mind

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When I think I’m going to watch gay porn, the first thing that pops into my mind is to go to It’s where you’re going to find all the hottest porn stars and the steamiest scenes. I’ve been to other sites, I know what they have to offer and I’m not interested. Not anymore. Right after joining here, I cancelled all my other memberships. There just wasn’t any need for them anymore. With this membership you also get full access to 13 other sites as well. That’s more porn than any one man could watch in a lifetime.

There really is something for everyone here. There are extremely erotic videos where the sexiest guys you’ve ever seen are passionately massaging one another until both are fully erect and ready for more. They slowly slide deep into one another enjoying every inch they can get. If you like things a little more hardcore there are plenty of videos to get you going too. So no matter what gets you going you’re going to find it here.


Let Me See You Ride That Cock

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When searching for gay porn what’s the biggest draw for you? How hot the guys are? How big their cocks are? How erotic the scenarios are? Whatever it is you’re looking for you’re sure to find it here. What if I told you that you could save $20 now with a Falcon Studios discount? Well, today’s your lucky day. This site features only the sexiest men with the biggest cocks that love to fuck. The scenes are so hot they’re sure to have you hard in no time flat.

With this membership you also get full access to Hot House. So that’s two memberships for the price of one and right now you can try it out for only a dollar. There’s really no reason to wait. The massive library of content would take you years to get through but it would be such a great time. You’re cock probably wouldn’t be able to handle all the abuse you would be giving it after watching all the sucking and fucking in these videos.


Gay Male Strippers With Amazing Bodies

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Muscular, chiseled bodies all oiled-up and big manly cocks dangling as they dance and shake their booties to the beat. Does that sound like something that would turn you on? If so, you need to check out Male Strippers Unlimited! This place has the hottest, sweatiest stripper action I’ve ever seen out there on the web. And it’s not just dancing what they do…

These hunks will get up on stage and bang each other with passion and might; providing the audience with fantastic visual entertainment. Sometimes, up to six of them will engage in wild group sex depravity. It’s just incredibly exciting and packed with intense action. You’re gonna love it for sure.

You can get this Male Strippers Unlimited discount for 54% off and enjoy everything on the site for quite a lot less. You’ll see awesome blowjobs, bareback action, interracial sex, and plenty of big, fat cocks. That’s right; these bulging biceps and pecs come accompanied by succulent boners. Check it out!

Don’t Stop Dicking Around

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If you watch gay porn, then you’ve heard of this site. If you’re looking for Porn Discounts then you’re in the right place too. You can knock 50% off the price of Belami Online and get in on all the action.

These boys love the cock. They are the hottest gay porn stars you’ll find anywhere and they’re packing around the largest dicks you’ve ever seen. Watching them rub all over each other. Sucking on one another. Getting each other to the point of ejaculation and then stopping because they don’t want it to be over yet. They want to look in one another’s eyes as they’re deep in asshole and see that joyous pleasure pain expression. You know the one I’m talking about. When you’re fucking a guy and you know you’re cock is too big but he’s trying to take every inch of you. When you can feel his asshole ripping as you slam deeper into him and his eyes roll back in ecstasy. Yea, that’s my kind of fucking.


Tight Virgin Assholes Fucked

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Do you remember your first time? I certainly do. All of my firsts actually, the first time I sucked a dick, the first time I got sucked off, my first anal experiences, hell, even my first handjob. Obviously I remember the sexy details, but I can’t help but remember how nervous I was too. Not just the normal, what if I do something wrong, what if I cum too fast, worries, but being from a small town I also was afraid I was reading signals wrong and might get my ass kicked if I made a move.

So many in the gay community have their memories tainted with that fear that we had surrounding our first times. It’s nice sometimes to just jerk off to boys first time videos and see all of the action without the negative aspects of it.

Now you can knock almost $10 off the price of Boys First Time, and get all of the exclusive high quality content including 6 bonus sites that are all hot and reality based gay porn!

You Have To Be Full-On Gay

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You have to be full-on gay to stomach this shit, it is as perverted and queer as it comes. There is no subtlety even in the name and it doesn’t let up, if anything it gets ‘worse’.

It’s hard to even keep up with the degree of perversion. If it’s not the step-dad trying fondling his step-son in his sleep then it’s the step-son jerking off to his step-dad while he’s in the shower. Then the step-dad invites his buddy over they both fuck the boy and when the boy invites a friend for a sleep-over everyone fucks everyone.

As you can see from the pic, it’s just a lazy Sunday afternoon with the step-son getting an asshole massage from his step-dad… you know, as you do.

It’s a free for all of taboo gay porn.

You like this stuff? I know you do, most people enjoy the taboo stuff, no shame in that. There’s a sweet special running at the moment where you can spend just $17.87 for a month of with this discount . There’s a yearly deal as well for even cheaper.

How Would You Rate This?

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At BoysFirstTime it’s all about gay boys sharing their innocence as they explore their sexuality in a judgemental society which of course means that these young men have a lot of heart.

Some would say it is cute, perhaps innocent as I have eluded to earlier. Sexy maybe? Just look at these two young men, the expressions on their faces tells a story of genuineness a sincerity I am sure will speak to most.

Do you find them cute, brave or perhaps even beautiful?

Personally, as a straight guy, I find it pretty damn sad, but luckily for all of you gay guys, this is not about me, it’s about you!

Save $11 bucks instantly with this discount and pick up a 30-day pass for only $14.99.

There are also yearly subscription options currently discounted by an impressive $8.42 per month equivalent which is 68% off the regular price.

Do you fancy choice and variety? Here are even more discounts on gay porn sites.