Save $11 on a Dick Dorm discount pass

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Dick Dorm is all about spunky college guys doing their thing on camera. These fresh faced boys do a great job of maintaining their college studies while still enjoy hot gay sex. I guess it helps when you mix in such a sweet variety of smoking hot men.

Currently they have around 75 videos on offer but with a full network pass you can expect much more. For instant action you can’t beat being with a guy that wants it just as much as you do. When you find real gay sex is can be almost as exciting as the real thing. I can say from experience that you’ll be in heaven mixing it up with the college studs that you can find inside the member area. Give these guys an inch and they’ll want a mile, can you give them all that and more?

I think you guys would have to be 100% crazy not to use this discount to save 40% off Dick Dorm. Again it’s a full network pass that unlocks well over 700 movies and not to mention all those junior gay hunks that come with it. How about you let your cock decide, it’s not like it has ever pointed you in the wrong direction before!