You Have To Be Full-On Gay

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You have to be full-on gay to stomach this shit, it is as perverted and queer as it comes. There is no subtlety even in the name and it doesn’t let up, if anything it gets ‘worse’.

It’s hard to even keep up with the degree of perversion. If it’s not the step-dad trying fondling his step-son in his sleep then it’s the step-son jerking off to his step-dad while he’s in the shower. Then the step-dad invites his buddy over they both fuck the boy and when the boy invites a friend for a sleep-over everyone fucks everyone.

As you can see from the pic, it’s just a lazy Sunday afternoon with the step-son getting an asshole massage from his step-dad… you know, as you do.

It’s a free for all of taboo gay porn.

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